As one of the premier event catering companies in Perth, we can assist you with all of your event needs. Whether you’re looking for events catering for an intimate dinner gathering or a larger party, our flexible options ensure that your needs will be met. We aim to create a community vibe with our delicious and fun food. If you’re looking to celebrate an important milestone, our birthday catering can be tailored to your liking to ensure that your loved one has the special day they deserve.

We love our kitchen and want you to eat food to nourish your soul! All our food is hand-made, with diverse flavours and textures of a Latin influence. It’s comfort food straight from the heart, with slow cooked free range proteins, punchy and zesty sauces and salsas, fresh salads, exotic flavours, a diverse menu and mindful options for vegan/vegetarian/gluten free diners.

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